Understanding your employees is a key factor for every leader. However, some people are reluctant to open up to their supervisor, which can cause miscommunication. A way around this problem is to introduce personality testing into your onboarding, and to have all current employees take the test now. There are many benefits to incorporating personality theory in your workplace, but the following are just a few that you would easily notice.

Better Communication

People who study personality theory and understand how different types process information will have an easier time communicating with others. For example, some people may be more sensitive to negative information and prefer a roundabout approach to bad news. Another person may, instead, require a straightforward discussion. Use the wrong approach, and your employees may react negatively.

Similarly, conflict resolution is much easier when people understand the differences between their personalities.

Meaningful Motivations

Some tests may provide insight into employees’ motivations. This can be tremendously helpful for leaders, as it is often difficult to understand what will help employees want to do a good job. Knowing the differences will allow leaders to provide individualized motivators for each person on their team, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to earn what they most want.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Personality tests, when taken honestly, can offer a look into a person’s strengths and weaknesses. While nothing tells you more about a person’s strengths and weaknesses than looking at their performance, you can use a personality test to interpret those results and understand where they come from. When coaching, it is most helpful to address causes for concern at the source, so this can be beneficial for professional development.

Likewise, knowing what a person’s natural strengths are can help you capitalize on them. This is helpful when building a team to work on projects, as you can pair up people with complementary skills.

In the end, personality testing can only provide so much information, and they are completely reliant on the tester having a level of self-awareness. You should never use personality tests to limit an employee, but you can use them to help employees reach their fullest potential.