Many companies have offered work from home benefits for years, while others have only begun adopting these policies since the COVID pandemic became widespread. As a CEO, I have also had  to adapt to this new way of working. I recently held an event through one of my companies, You Are a CEO, “This Won’t Break Me”. During the event, I shared strategies entrepreneurs can use to survive and thrive during this time. I found many people that attended the event wanted information about how to make the adjustments for their businesses to survive. Also, people are wondering, what will working look like post-COVID? I encourage you to check out my website for more information. 


I also wanted to share this article about the benefits of continuing to allow your employees to work from home in the winter, even post-COVID.


Fewer Illnesses

Although COVID has been the primary illness on everyone’s mind, there is no doubt that several illnesses pick up in winter. Whether it be a cold or the flu, these illnesses can also be detrimental to your staff’s wellbeing and their work. Staying home in winter means fewer opportunities to catch a virus that could wipe them out for several days, meaning you would have fewer time off requests due to sickness.


Less Concern About Weather

Winter is not bright and sunny in every state. In some places, weather can be harsh, with feet of snow falling each year. Even in areas with less snowfall, ice can be a major issue on the roads. When working from home, these issues are not as concerning, as employees do not need to risk their safety traveling. However, you may still run into some issues with power outages at their homes, so offering an office for them to work from can still be beneficial.


More Flexibility For Families

Snow days can impact children much more than adults, so parents need to have plans in place for when their children cannot go to school. Working from home takes much of the issue off the table, as parents can keep an eye on their kids while still getting their work done. Additionally, with COVID closing many schools this year, it is likely that work from home flexibility is a top priority for parents, and it may continue in years to come.


Higher Productivity

When employees can control their environment, as well as avoid the rush hour traffic, there can be big benefits to productivity. Although it depends on the person, many people find that working from home is comparable to the office, if not even better. If you have an employee who struggles in your office’s environment, consider giving them the flexibility to work from home.


Working from home has become a way of life for many these days, but there are reasons to continue the practice even when offices reopen.