Beware of the Pessimist | Michael E. ParkerThere are many obstacles to success in life, including some of our own personality traits. It can be difficult to overcome ingrained traits or behaviors, but in the end, it is often worth it to do so. With hard work and practice, anybody should be able to tamper the traits that delay success. So what are some common personality types that we should work to avoid?

  1. The Lazy Type.

This person often lacks motivation or drive. If you don’t have a goal or an ambition in mind, you cannot move forward in life. Try to develop an ethic of discipline in order to avoid this personality type.

  1. The Procrastinator.

The procrastinator has a lot in common with the lazy type. This person may have come up with plans to complete a goal, but they don’t bother trying to complete those plans. This type can get easily distracted by other life occurrences. They might make excuses to put things off. Don’t delay your plans. If you have a goal that you want to achieve, come up with a solid plan and schedule to follow in order to accomplish that goal.

  1. The Entitled Type.

An entitled person believes that they have the right to success without putting in the hard work to achieve that success. They don’t have the passion or the diligence to reach their goals because they believe that they should be able to reach their goals without much effort. Avoid this type by asking yourself, are you actually working hard enough to meet your goal?

  1. The Anxious Type.

An anxious person often overthinks everything. They become fearful of taking risks or of investing a lot of time into certain ideas. This type may begin planning on achieving a certain goal, only to become too paralyzed with the possibilities of what could go wrong. This type might have an idea for a goal, but they become too indecisive about how to achieve that goal.

  1. The Pessimistic Type.

A pessimistic mindset is toxic to success. This personality type is often already resigned to a lack of success. You can’t accomplish anything if you don’t bother even trying. Being constantly negative can lead to self-sabotaging behavior. Develop a positive mindset and tell yourself you can achieve your goals.