Millennials and Gen Z are known for switching jobs rapidly, at least while they are young. Often, they won’t stay with a company for more than a year or two. This is because they may become bored with their work, and won’t find enough of a challenge in their current role. An option to combat this is providing promotions. However, promotions are not always a possibility in every company. Still, there are a few things you can do for employees within their current role to give them a challenge and a reason to stay.

Shadowing Opportunities

If an employee has expressed interest in a role within your company, but that role will not be open soon, see if you can give them the chance to shadow someone currently in that role. Try to fit a day or two into their schedule where they can learn the kinds of work that goes into that role, which can also help them make sure it is a good fit. Additionally, you could also train them in areas related to that role so that they are more prepared when a role becomes available.

Supervisory Duties

People who are star performers on your team could be great supervisors. They can help with training new employees, answering questions that don’t require a manager, and handling upset clients. An employee who shows interest in a leadership role could be given these responsibilities before a promotion to show that they are capable of doing a good job.

Office Projects

In many offices, projects come up from time to time that would be fun and exciting for employees to work on. Yet, there is not always enough time to get them started. To give your employees something interesting to work with, try lightening their schedule a bit to give them time to work on these projects. If there are no projects currently on the docket, allow them to find their own ways to give back to the company.

Promotions are appealing for many employees, but there are other ways to keep employees interested in your company. Find ways to make their role special and to give them more responsibility. In the end, you may see an increase in retention.