We are still in January, so technically, you can still say New Year, New You, right? Regardless of what month you are reading this, change is possible and doesn’t require a new year to implement. Rather than wait until next year to give it a go, replace resolutions with accountability, and accomplish those goals now! Use these six tips to incorporate accountability and reach your goals.

The right mindset. If you aren’t mentally ready, you aren’t ready. The biggest reason why people don’t accomplish their goals is due to their mentality. If you are making significant life changes but don’t know why, it is likely that the change won’t take. However, if you have reflected on your life, know what needs changed and understand why it matters to you, each stride towards your goal will feel rewarding and essential. Find this mindset and start there every morning.

Vision board. Anyone who has created a vision board can tell you of their power. While they can’t make you change your ways, designing a vision board is the perfect way to figure out exactly what you want and need, while also offering a daily reminder of your goals. Hang it in a space you frequent daily, such as the bedroom, so that each morning begins with a focused mind.

One task at a time. Multi-tasking seems to be a favorite word for all job postings, and while the skill can be useful, it is important to remember the benefits of slowing down and focusing on specific things at a time. Although it may seem like more gets done when multitasking, the truth is that when people work on one task at a time, they tend to get it done in a smaller amount of time and with greater accuracy.

Reward yourself. You don’t have to go overboard, but you should applaud yourself. For example, let’s say that your boss set a company goal and you reached it. How would you feel if they never acknowledged your success? Treat yourself like you are your own boss and employee; reward good behaviors and reached milestones. There is nothing more encouraging than reveling in your triumph.

Journal progress. Writing down your daily thoughts, problems, and successes is a wonderful way to get to know yourself better. Not only can you use it to keep yourself motivated and proud, but it also provides the ability to reflect, be mindful, and find purpose in your days. By writing down each daily goal, you can hold yourself accountable on goals that weren’t reached and those that were, which in turn leads to improvement in productivity and progress.

Seek Feedback. Whether as an employee, manager, or friend, feedback is vital to improvement and progress. Although journals and other tactics can help people review their own behavior and development, those things don’t necessarily offer an outside perspective. Seek feedback from coworkers, employers, employees, family, and friends to learn what you are doing right and what can be improved. You might be surprised to find that how you see yourself is dramatically different from how others see you.