Organizational culture is always a tricky subject that can be subject to the whims of a lot of people. However, a leader can affect this culture if they have the right ideas. The leader is critical as they will be leading by example – only through leading by example will others follow, especially if the leader is the one introducing the new ideas into the workplace culture. Here are a few ideas on how exactly to do just that.  

Model behavior. The leader must lead by example. By introducing new ideas yet not fulfilling them, no one will truly believe in these new ideas. People cannot change their habits without a positive example showing them that this is a better way to do things. The leader will be in charge of being the first one to implement these ideas and showing that this is a better way. A leader always has followers, and by being the pioneer, others will follow.

Have a purpose. Instructions are followed much better when there is a goal at the end of the tunnel. A vision of what people want to accomplish is fundamental, as people must know that the various steps taken eventually lead somewhere and that the leader is competent and has a good vision. Without a purpose, people will take the ideas to mean something different to what it should’ve been clearly defined as, therefore, an important thing to do is talk individually to everyone and discuss the matter with them.

Help people. What if the group cannot implement the new ideas? It is essential to follow through by helping everyone acquire the correct skills to help them gain confidence and grow. Through training and access to resources, anyone can develop, and with having clear expectations set, people will know how they are moving along the path as well.

Accountability. When people are held accountable for their actions while having set goals and expectations, people will perform. Knowing the definition of success is important as when those standards are hit they will be rewarded justly. Therefore, it is vital to have delineated expectations so that confusion doesn’t happen and everyone is justifiably responsible for their piece of the work.