Last year, San Francisco Mayor London Breed introduced a new initiative to the city, called Opportunities for All (OFA). This program was meant to help educate and provide opportunities for diverse youth in the economy. As Mayor Breed said, “Opportunities for All will provide a path for our diverse young people to connect to a more successful future and make our city and all of our communities stronger.”

Recently, You Are A CEO has partnered with OFA and Airbnb to provide two sessions for young people to learn more about taking charge of their lives through career development. Terry Fulton, a member of the YAAC team, led this program. Throughout these two days, the students learned how to be responsible for their future, how positive behaviors lead to good results, and how to not be afraid of failure. Another goal of the sessions was to teach students not to just skate by on mediocre work, but instead, to try their best always so they can become successful.

Whether you’re a young student or an established adult, if you’re interested in learning more about taking charge of your future, visit for more info.