Organizational-Psychology--5-Books-That-Could-Make-You-An-Expert | Michael E. ParkerHuman behavior in the workplace is the definition of industrial-organizational psychology. Performance measurement, reward systems, training and development, recruitment, selection and placement, quality of life, and structure of work are among the issues addressed when discussing organizational psychology.
Likewise, conversations about administrative, statutory, and ethical considerations are raised. Specialized knowledge and training can be developed and applied to the solution for problems at work, through performance evaluations, coaching, and training.
Croissants vs. Bagels: Strategic, Effective, and Inclusive Networking at Conferences by Robbie Samuels: “Croissants vs. Bagels” is a practical guide designed for beginners, as well as veteran experts looking to learn more about priority, drive, and networking. The book also prescribes insights on how to build relationships, conference, and take practical steps when working a room. Samuels is a networking expert who brings big thoughts to everyday ideas.
by Margaret H. Greenberg and Senia Maymin: The ability to streamline, restructure, and increase productivity is expressed in this book. Examining the practices of forward-thinking and successful companies, the book advises readers, showing them how they might set habits, not just goals; turn strengths into team sports, and how to stop asking the wrong questions. It’s a straightforward, actionable manual for managers who want to find answers regarding management and leadership.
Finding Clarity: Design a Business You Love and Simplify Your Marketing by Amanda H. Young: The publication that highlights insight for service-based businesses. The path to success can be made more enjoyable by identifying clear steps, inviting fresh perspectives and simplifying marketing processes. Young has spent her career enabling visionary entrepreneurs and developing creative solutions for clients, fortifying her as an expert.
Free the Idea Monkey to Focus on What Matters Most: How the Most Successful People Make Big Ideas Happen by G. Michael Maddock and Raphael Louis Viton: “Free the Idea Monkey” focuses attention on how one might use energy to fuel ideas and boost brainstorm sessions. The book lists true stories, illustrations, and useful tips that can encourage genuine progress and facilitate profitable partnerships in business and life.
The Spark and the Grind: Ignite the Power of Disciplined Creativity by Erik Wahl: Balancing creativity and discipline is the primary focus in this book, as well as how one might embrace creative breakthroughs. Wahl borrows from his own experience so he can paint an accurate idea of what it means to find spark and wisdom in the corporate sphere. He hails discipline that collaborates with inspiration, which makes this book an ideal read for young entrepreneurs and non-corporate individuals.
If you know of any other books that highlight the importance of organizational psychology? Please share! Also, please check out my book, “Who Said So?: The Questions Revolutionary Businesses Ask That Make Them Successful.”