You have to understand what an unhealthy mindset does to your reality before you can overcome a negative mental approach to life. Consistent negative thinking can derail an individual, disallowing them from achieving excellence because those negative thoughts overwhelm positive thoughts. Negative thinkers live their lives always preparing for the worst, and they’re mentally consumed with the idea that something may go wrong, making it impossible to ever muster positive thoughts.

It’s important that you learn to submit yourself to positive thinking in every situation, whether facing tough, but expected challenges, or unexpected pitfalls.

Now, I’m going to be frank with you: positive thinking doesn’t always feel good, nor does it feel comfortable or fun. Nonetheless, positive thinking is a surefire way to escape the insidious trap of negative thinking and it’s the best way to bear positive fruit. Focusing on the right things at all times helps us to steer clear of the six traps of negative thinking. Those six traps of negative thinking are Ignorance, Fear, Anger, Jealousy, Procrastination and Laziness.

Each of these traps has their own nature, personality, and characteristics. Nevertheless, positive thinking combats ignorance and the other traps. Maintaining a thought process that strives for excellence in every and all situations demonstrate an ability to overcome negative thoughts. Learn to build and maintain a positive mindset by outlining a few things to focus on as you approach each day, and you do this by adhering to The 7 Fruits of Positive Thinking:

1.    Achievement: What have you accomplished in your lifetime? Being positive is the first step! Developing and maintaining a positive frame of mind will allow you to experience a lifetime of personal achievement.

2.    Balance: How do you spend your time? A positive thinker will focus their time and energy on things that matter to them because they understand the value of harmony and life balance.

3.    Confidence: If you are negative, you will not believe that you can do it. A positive thinker will first develop the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their goals, which produces all the confidence and belief they require.

4.    Diligence: Do you give up too easily, or become satisfied, lazy and complacent? A positive thinker refuses to give up! They develop the mental strength to overcome obstacles and the discipline it takes to “run through the finish line.”

5.    Excellence: Are you ok with ‘Just Getting By’? A positive thinker refuses to “Just Get By;” rather, they always strive for excellence and go beyond what is required to ensure they achieve their goals.

6.    Growth: Has fear limited your mental capacity for growth. A positive thinker will expand their mind through continuous learning and life experiences and are never afraid to grow and develop.

7.    Other-Centered: Do you always think about yourself? A positive thinker understands that real joy and satisfaction comes when you can make the lives of others better!

We must keep our goals before us and work to toward them. We must strive to meet our goals no matter how it feels, no matter the circumstances. Remember that success is not optional, it’s optimal. We must work tirelessly to intensify our improvement and accept nothing less than excellence, which is the mindset we must maintain each and every day, when we go to bed at night and when we rise in the morning.