An individual’s environment, which includes their location, friends, colleagues, lifestyle and habits, impacts every aspect of their life far more than they realize. As a matter of fact, a person cannot make any lasting change without changing certain parts of their environment, and the latter is what allows him or her to grow as a person or hold him or her back. On that premise, the following article presents the influence an environment has on the success of an individual.

Who we surround ourselves with
Based on the law of averages, Jim Rohn asserts the following: “You’re the average of the five people you spend time with.” Jim Rohn believes that it is the five people that an individual spends the most time with that shapes him or her. That being said, an individual should surround him or herself with people who have the qualities that they hope to achieve. These people can be colleagues, friends or even mentors that help the individual learn new skills, who constantly encourage him or her to reach their goals, who constantly support their dreams and lift them up when feeling discouraged, and, most importantly, those who hold him or her accountable to their goals.

On the other hand, however, if an individual surrounds themselves with negative people who are not supportive of the goals and dreams that the individual has, then they will definitely not be able to make, or even maintain, any sort of change in their lives.

What we surround ourselves with
It is not just who an individual surrounds themselves with that holds him or her back or propel him or her forward, it is also the what. The what entails the top five locations an individual spends most of their time in. Is it mostly spent at work? at home? at the bar or at the gym? surfing the internet or walking in the park? That said, no place is considered to be inherently good or bad; it is how the individual feels while they are in that place and after they leave it. An individual should feel motivated; not drained, in the places they spend most of their time in.