Hiring is a part of many managers’ jobs, which means every manager needs to be proficient in evaluating people not only on their qualifications, but also on their personability. Hire someone purely for their experience and you might have a poor team player on your hands. Hire someone with a great personality but no knowledge of the field and you may see lower productivity. There are many things you can do to uncover a person’s true self within the interview and find the right candidate.

Read the Resume

It may seem ludicrous to think that some managers never look over a resume before the interview, but that is more common than you would think. Be sure to look at your candidate’s information ahead of time, as that will allow you to craft questions based on their experience. Of course, some managers purposely do not read the resume for a strategic reason, such as wanting to see if the candidate is a good fit without the sway of their job history and education. However, in most cases, it is simply better to read the resume ahead of time.

Ask Specific Questions

When you ask questions in an interview, be mindful of how they relate to the position at hand. If you ask someone whether they are a good team player, but the role is often working solitarily, you can give the wrong impression and even find the wrong kind of employee. Focus most of your attention on the work duties — what questions can you pull from the daily activities? These will help you to find the best candidate possible.

Avoid “Interview Speak”

“Interview speak” is when a hiring manager is not completely honest about the role or the company. For example, questions may not be reflective of the role or the company culture. A manager may say they promote positive work-life balance, but then expect an employee to work overtime. Avoid characterizing your company or the position inaccurately. Being dishonest is not only morally wrong, but can come with consequences like losing out on a great employee early on when they find out the truth.

Finding the right candidate is not always easy, but managers need to do their part in order to find the right fit. These tips will ensure both you and your candidate are on the same page and have the necessary information to determine whether a partnership is beneficial.