You Are A CEO | Michael E. Parker

Michael E. Parker is a successful entrepreneur, inspirational leader, author, teacher, philanthropist, and motivational speaker. Born in Oakland and raised in Richmond, California, Michael persevered through many challenges and hardships, proactively deciding to change the course of his life and open doors he didn’t think we possible to open. As the CEO and founder of You Are A CEO, Michael is dedicated to helping others celebrate the small wins in life and to create a daily culture of self-achievement.

You Are A CEO’s mission is to spread the message of self-leadership and to empower ready-minded people to achieve more success worldwide. We believe that every person is the CEO of their life and can take charge of their personal success. To do so, You Are A CEO has specifically identified the four enemies to personal success: self-ignorance, fear, insecurities, and mediocrity. Our content, tools, and resources are uniquely designed to empower our community to overcome these four barriers to success.

But why? We believe that the majority of society is underachieving and not realizing their full potential because of limits to their personal success that go unnoticed. In addition, we are inundated with information every day that has caused mental fatigue, and since the majority of this content is not positive, we are consuming too much negativity. We believe that all of this has contributed to increased depression, personal anxiety, mental illness, and the lack of overall self-worth in our society.

This is where You Are A CEO comes in. We provide an online success coach that is available through our web or mobile app 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Our coaching solution provides self-leadership motivation, personal and professional development, and life management expertise on-demand. We deliver this coaching through podcasts, coaching videos, assessments, and courses available within our application. In addition, we provide our members with access to an exclusive mind fitness social app (Uplift) that uses behavioral science and persuasive technology to help our community continuously arrive at a state of uplift, enabling them to be more successful and live a more fulfilling life. We provide a unique wisdom that gives our members a competitive advantage at home, in their career, and/or in their business. By leveraging technology and our exclusive content, we provide a distinct environment and community that drives people to achieve more based on their personal goals.

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