Leadership is something many people aspire to. These kinds of roles are lauded as the ideal, so it is exciting to consider yourself in this type of position. Still, it can be intimidating to go for a role if you are not sure you have the skills necessary to be successful. If you are considering whether you have the right demeanor to be a leader, see if you have the following traits.


Motivation is the driving factor that causes people to do a great job. For some people, motivation comes from external sources, such as praise from a boss or a raise. For others, internal motivation is their primary focus. Leaders who are mainly motivated from internal sources may find that they have an easier time doing their job well, as leaders may be expected to do more for less praise.

Thick Skin

A leader should be someone who is unafraid of criticism. In fact, leaders who thrive in their roles encourage people to give them feedback often, so they are able to make changes and do better. On the other hand, leaders may receive criticism from clients. It is essential not to let these things build up, and to have strong coping mechanisms as a leader. While no one is immune to feeling bad after a negative comment, leaders are expected to bounce back quickly.


A leader who makes careless mistakes will set the wrong example for employees. Leaders should understand the importance of double-checking work and making sure it is accurate before moving on. While prominent leaders are often big-picture people, they understand that the details are what bring the big picture projects to reality.

People Person

A major trait every leader should have is being a people person. While there are famous leaders who are notoriously unfriendly, they are the exceptions to the rule. Leaders should be able to develop a rapport with their team, in order to better coach them. Although leaders can be too friendly if they are not careful, it is easier to come back from that than it is to regain trust if you come across as mean.

Leadership is not a career path that is built for everyone. You must think about how all of your strengths and weaknesses will play into this role. Whether you find that leadership is for you or not, you will ultimately have a clearer view on how to proceed in the future.