Michael E. ParkerAs you enter the world of business with aspirations of eventually leading your own company, you will hopefully approach your dreams and objectives with a concrete plan of action. The beginning of your career will focus on learning as much as possible about your industry and receiving relevant training. You will then likely enter the workforce in order to learn more about leadership and the process of running a business by observing those that lead the company that you work for. From here you may feel ready to take the reins in your own hands and start to build and/or lead a venture of your own. This process can of course vary and will be tailored to the particular circumstances of the individual. No matter what your path, it’s important that you keep your long-term goals in mind, keep learning, keep moving, work hard and connect with other individuals in your field.

While this is where most of your efforts should go, there is another aspect of your professional life, that’s worth addressing. Your wardrobe. Whenever you find yourself in a professional environment or potential professional environment, make a point to dress accordingly. This doesn’t mean that you have to look or dress like everyone else, it just means that you should be aware of the image that you are projecting with what you wear and how you present yourself. Although style guides about the well-dressed young professional often showcase pieces that are very expensive, don’t let that discourage you from dressing well.

Michael E. ParkerMake sure that your clothes are clean, ironed, mended, and fit well. It’s better to invest in one or two pieces and make sure that they really fit than spending the same amount on a number of  pieces that don’t fit you well.

Although what you wear doesn’t reflect anything in terms of how smart you are, your potential or who you are as a person, how you look is the first thing that people notice about you. Therefore, make sure that you are happy with the image that you are presenting to the world. And if you aren’t take stock of where you are and where you’d like to be, and come up with a plan of small steps (that don’t cost too much money) in order to enhance what you are projecting. Here are some tips on finding affordable and classic men’s fashions and women’s fashions. And here is a great guide that outlines the kinds of pieces that you should consider purchasing for men and women when building your professional wardrobe. If these styles don’t suit you, just make sure that you pay attention to detail when it comes to your own. Keep your clothes clean and mended and make sure that they fit well.