Excite Your Employees To Create Leaders of Tomorrow _ Michael E. ParkerDeveloping better future leaders requires that as a leader you understand that leadership comes in different shapes and forms.

For a very long time, it seemed that leadership had to look a certain way. Presidents, popular CEOs, and icons provided a framework for this thinking and created a formula whereby many leaders developed an instinct to brandish authority and offer powerful speeches. The notion of stern and swift leadership is a stall one. Leaders, like autumn leaves, are all entirely different. While it’s essential for all leaders to be passionate about their projects, ideas or company, leaders should feel free to follow the written formula or change the blueprint.

Leadership can be more inventive, fun, and inspiring. Leaders see things that others don’t mind. They understand and interpret the value of technique, they search outside of their industry to find inspiration, and they are guided toward new ideas by looking to underlings, giving them permission to have great ideas.

There isn’t simply one way to be a leader, not in a world where technology has allowed more people to connect and share their thoughts and ideas. Blossoming leaders have never been more able or fortunate than they are right now because they have a whole world of experience at their fingertips in addition to the collection of leaders in their community.

Unfortunately, finding inspiration or innovation can be a challenge for some leaders who want to see new things in their companies or industry. Read on to find ways that you can invite success into your workplace.

Excite Your Employees

Find the time and energy not only to prepare and train your team but excite them about opportunities at the company and the tasks ahead. The more energized a team is, the more likely they are to stay at the company and bring new ideas to the table. It’s truly beneficial to the health of a company and those who work there that everyone feels supported and encouraged.

Take A Break

Breaks are incredible! Not only are humans not built to sit and stare at a screen for 8+ hours a day, but it can be bad for the back and eyes. Encourage your team to take a two-minute lap around the office each our, which will help to keep them perky, help them to see how other team members are doing, and it’ll help them burn a few calories. For more extended breaks, a brisk walk outside can undoubtedly help to draw ideas that may not have found you or your underlings if they hadn’t interacted with the world.

Ask Question

No one knows everything. That’s just a simple fact of the world. With that in mind, ask your team members essential questions about their skills and their passions not just in the initial interview, but in the midst of the work experience. Contributing in a meaningful way is extremely important to employees, particularly those who are millennials.

What are your thoughts on leadership and how to create innovation?