Michael E. ParkerThere are many ways to gain leadership skills and learning them in a classroom setting is only one such way. Other lessons are learned in life, through experiences and through making mistakes. By combining these two ways of learning, you can become a better leader in a short time.


Sure, you can take public speaking courses in school, but they don’t really prepare you for addressing employees or those working beneath you in a hierarchy. For that, the only real-world experience will suffice. That’s because this type of communication involves the ability to listen as much as it requires a skill for engaging people in a common goal. By listening and addressing the concerns of those on your team, you’re better able to draw them in and instill a deeper interest in accomplishing the task.

Keep Calm and Focus on the Job

Things will rarely if ever, go perfectly. Either through mistakes or just the hand of fate, things will go wrong and that may end up causing conflicts with deadlines or meeting customer expectations. When this happens, it’s important to keep your cool and look at the situation rationally. This is easier said than done when your nerves are frayed and you feel the temptation to place blame. Instead, focus on getting the job completed and discuss how best to proceed with your team. By refocusing everyone’s efforts, you can complete the project more efficiently instead of dwelling on the past.

Learn How to Inspire Others

This is something else you’ll learn as you go and, if you pay attention, you can develop this into a finely honed skill. Being able to inspire the people on your team takes an ability to read those people and draw out their best traits. When you’re able to do this, you’ll be surprised by what the team can accomplish together.

These are just a few skills you’ll learn as you practice your leadership skills. The important thing to keep in mind is that your own energy will define how the team operates. If you can be a force for positive change, that will filter down to your team and they will perform better and feel free to share their ideas. In the end, boosting the confidence of your team members will boost your own leadership capabilities