Michael E. Parker

We deal and trade in skills and performance. That’s the nature of contending in any given professional setting as a leader.

Millennials, who are known for their creativity, bravery, and supposed abbreviated attention span are changing the way workplaces communicate, produce, or even manage their day. However, even with new mobile applications and digital ideas introduced to the workforce by millennials, there are some bits of understanding that hold true, and they’re relevant to anyone working, thriving, and leading.

Read on to learn suggestion Millennials may want to adopt when pursuing leadership:

  1. You Can Lead | We all know that there is no one way to lead. There are a plethora of diverse leadership styles, and it’s essential to try on the different styles, so you learn which will work best for your professional organization. Consider your company’s values, and examine how your personal how style may compliment the performance of people you lead.
  2. Surround Yourself With Doers | Steer clear of “chill” people who never seem motivated. Instead, choose doers who focus on completing goals and reaching accomplishments. A leader can’t help but be inspired by a spirited team member who wants to see great ideas brought to fruition.
  3. Practice | Being ambitious isn’t merely enough. For some, they have to practice being a better leader. Because being a good leader doesn’t happen overnight, it’s important to read books, chat with mentors, listen to podcasts, and shadow others who might be able to feed you a greater understanding of what it might mean to lead.
  4. Be Confident | You should look the part, and you should take that part. That means that you should put away the white t-shirts and put on a button up, which will help you to exude confidence. Confidence can beat away conceptions of weakness and it can help others to see you as a visionary because others can see that doubt doesn’t plague you. Be outspoken and be ready.
  5. Look To Other Leaders | Across industries, business and institutions, some business leaders can look to for inspiration. Think of young leaders like Lebron James, or Mark Zuckerberg, who use those platforms to do dynamic things in their spaces, but also beyond. Use your voice to be head, as they do.
  6. Identify Needs | Identify the needs of your business and your team and be of service. If you do this and adopt a way to help to lead and direct your squad closely directly, you’ll empower them.
  7. Be Flexible | There should be hard set rules, but there should also be room for our underlining to voice concerns, work in experimental groups, and implement their values. If you embrace the needs of our collection, you’ll see better results.

If there are other tips you may have for Millennials seeking leadership; please be sure to share!