Our lives are prolonged gathering periods. We spend much of our early years learning about money and trying to earn money. Then, we spend much of our later lives hemorrhaging cash when attempting to get more time. The struggle is absurdly real.

Money and time can be at opposite ends of the axis while simultaneously behaving as cornerstones of life, which can be good and bad. It can be favorable if you’ve mastered the art of financial planning.Michael E. Parker Discusses Time and Money

Develop a strategy where these two giants work in harmony. It will increase the probability of personal success. When doing this, don’t focus too heavily on the power of money. You’re likely to lose sight of time and unseat a work-life balance. Conversely, focusing on time without a clear focus on finances can lead to a desperate life. Money is the power to do what you want to do, but time allows you the space in which all things can be done. When these two things aren’t aligned there will be an eventual breakdown. Discovering the best avenue toward sustainable success requires a partnership between money and time.