Journaling is one habit many adults leave behind, as it gets a poor reputation. Journaling is not simply for the trope of a teenage girl writing about heartbreak; it is actually a positive tool that anyone can use for self-improvement. As a leader, it is essential to continue developing personally in order to better lead your team. Use journaling in the following ways to help you along your journey of growth.

Scheduling and Organization

Journaling has recently gained popularity again, thanks to the Bullet Journal method developed by Ryder Carroll, which helps people efficiently keep track of tasks, events, and ideas. Whether you use this method or another, journaling can help you take charge of your schedule and remember important information that you otherwise might have forgotten. If you are new to a leadership role, it is particularly important for you to have a single place to keep track of your new duties.


Practicing mindful gratitude can help people start and end their days on a positive note. Reminding yourself of the many things to be grateful for will really help you feel more content with your life, too. Over time, you will notice that the days when you practice gratitude are the ones where you feel best and get the most done.

Your Wins and Losses

Each day, it pays to reflect back on the day and record the things you succeeded in and the areas in which you could improve. You may see trends that can help you with professional or personal development. You will also notice the things you really excel in. This can help you better move throughout your career into roles that are most suited to your skills, while also showing you ways to challenge yourself.

Any Notable Moments

In life, there are times we think we will never forget. These might be great moments, or they could be bad. Either way, it pays to note them in your journal. You will be happy when you go back and read over your journal a year from now and remember all the good times. Additionally, you can also see how you’ve grown over time, and how you overcame the bad times.

There is a lot you can do with a journal, so it is a good idea to look into different journaling styles. Every person’s journaling needs are different, but following the above points will help you be more successful over time. To be the best leader you can be, incorporate journaling into your daily routine.