Collaborating with some people can be an absolute dream while working with others can be like pulling teeth. Why is that?

There are numerous reasons why complications arise between two individuals when completing a project, including conflicting personalities and disorganization. Nonetheless, more attention should be concentrated on understanding why it’s simple to work with some employees and it takes so much more time and energy to collaborate with other colleagues. Working with the latter can leave you inexplicably frustrated and exhausted. I’m confident that many of us felt this way or similarly during our careers.

With that said, there are tools available to help us navigate and improve working relationships with teams, bosses, colleagues and customers. The DiSC Assessment is a vital instrument for this reason and it’s the best DiSC Model to date, in my opinion. Everything DiSC Assessment developed the research-based model, which helps individuals improve self-awareness, learn more about fellow colleagues, and gain an understanding of their co-worker’s day-to-day. Educating oneself on the lives of others is a powerful tool, one that’s proven to help to improve working relationships, create a better work environment, and develop rewarding workplace dynamic.

DiSC isn’t a test, nor does it assess your skill set, abilities, or strengths. Instead, the personality assessment measures tendencies and preferences, identifying particular types of characteristics, traits, and behaviors. Pinpointing these things is a necessary step for improving the quality and culture of a workplace. Also, utilizing that information is essential for building and maintaining more effective relationships.

DiSC is an acronym, which means dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness, and it can positively unearth priorities, motivations, fears, notable attributes and limitations of any given team member.

The success of DiSC is why the Michael E. Parker team has become an Authorized Partner of Everything DiSC because we have seen the results.  To learn more about Everything DiSC go to