Michael E. ParkerAbout Value Centered Solutions

What is Value Centered Solutions or VCS, Inc? Value-Centered Solutions is a consulting company that provides training as well as customized solutions that empower businesses to overcome the common and specific obstacles that they face regularly. Michael E. Parker founded this company with a desire to merge his interest in helping other businesses grow, with his background in lean management and interest in focusing on customer value. As the CEO and Founder of VCS, Inc, Michael has designed a solutions system based on the idea that a company starts with its customer. With the customer as the focal point of the business, Value-Centered Management utilizes Lean fundamentals as the basis for the management practices then utilizes the three channels of; customer value, business culture and value stream flow to support the overarching structure and strategy of the business. But what does this look like in action? Although the businesses that use this revolutionary and effective solutions based system may appear completely different at first glance, the beauty of the system is that it applies to all companies regardless of the sector. While the industries vary, the caliber of excellence and efficiency do not.

Jovance Salon and Barbering is a great example of Value-Centered Solutions at work. At Jovance, the company’s mission is to “deliver speed, quality, and care to both men and women of all hair types. Jovance is also dedicated to providing exceptional hair, skin, and body care through products, services, and continuing education. Our unwavering commitment to Value-Centered Solutions (VCS) and methodologies is to work as one team to provide superior service to our customer, the cornerstone of our success.”

At Jovance, the entire business model centers around the customer and functions accordingly. From the layout of the establishment itself, to the types of treatments to the level of care, Jovance is dedicated to understanding catering to the client. Jovance Bridal was even an offering that originated from the desire to fully cater to the needs of the customer. Jovance is just one of many success stories when it comes to the Value-Centered Solutions methodology system. To learn more about Jovance Bridal, see the video below.