Motivation can make a significant difference in your employees’ work, but motivation is not always intrinsic. While some employees will do a good job simply because they have a desire to, there is no doubt that anyone who receives a reward for good work will do better than those who receive nothing. Make sure you use the following tips to appreciate your employees properly, which will boost their motivation.


Without a doubt, one of the best ways to reward your employees for exemplary work is to give them a bonus when they do a great job. Of course, bonuses are usually not recurring, but incentive programs can be. For example, if someone lands a big sale, they can be rewarded with money or a gift card. Overall performance-based bonuses can also be an option, and they would typically happen once per year. Being paid more can show employees that their contributions are valuable.

Public Praise

Some people strongly dislike being praised, but most people would appreciate a shout-out when they have done something great. Whether it be an Employee of the Month award, or simply an office-wide email letting everyone know this employee has been going above and beyond, giving public praise can really help many people feel appreciated for their hard work.


Although money and praise are great rewards, not much can beat giving your employees some flexibility. Maybe they have been a consistent high-achiever and always get their work done on time. This could earn them a little leeway when things come up, such as appointments or tardiness. Be cautious with flexibility, however, and do not be afraid to revoke it if the employee begins to fall behind. You should also be prepared to offer flexibility to other employees as they gain your trust, too.

Less Hand-Holding

Early on in a new manager-employee relationship, there is typically a lot of hand-holding. Managers want to make sure employees feel supported, as well as being sure they are completing work at the quality and timeliness that is expected of them. Once your employee has shown that they are responsible, it is a good time to give them some freedom from micro-managing. Taking away the hand-holding is a good sign to employees that they are succeeding and are trusted.

There are plenty of ways to appreciate your team. The above are just a few that you will find successful with almost anyone in any role. Try out one of these tips to ensure you are appreciating your employees enough.